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10 Beautiful Moody Street and Cityscape Adobe Lightroom Presets!


A bundle of 10 masterfully crafted street and cityscape Lightroom Presets!

These presets only take one click to use! They work in a huge variety of light conditions and different subjects. They come right out of my custom Lightroom configurations and are totally original to my style.

I wanted this pack to be super versatile so you can literally edit your entire collection of photographs all with one click. It has a mix of night presets, sunset, day, blue hour and golden hour. You can even use every single preset for ANY LIGHT CONDITIONS! Just adjust the temperature/tint and exposure to create that perfect unique look. These presets will quickly transform your photos and I’m excited for your results.

Add bright colors and moody tones to your photos with these awesome presets!

  • 10 Street/City Lightroom Presets (.xmp format)
  • Futuristic Tones
  • Nighttime Urban
  • Moody Tones
  • Sunset/Sunrise

These presets come in .xmp format. This product is compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC. Also all newest version of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. You can sync .xmp presets with Lightroom Mobile.

Tylersjourney Adobe Lightroom Presets

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